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Metal Print
Metal Prints
4x6” to 30x40”
Our metal prints are crystal clear, high definition, color accurate and top quality. We use Chromaluxe® high-definition sublimatable photo panels available in white glossy, white semi gloss, white matte, silver glossy, silver semi gloss and silver matte finishes.
Canvas Print
Canvas Prints

Our expert knowledge of photo printing enables us to provide you with the finest printed canvas photo art. Archival inks are used to print your canvas resulting in a very accurate reproduction. Each canvas photo print is custom built and neatly stretched.
Canvas Metal
Photo Hangers

Your metal prints and canvas prints are ready to hang upon delivery. We attach our special float mount to the back of your metal print giving it a three dimensional appearance as it sits a half inch off of the wall. Canvas prints come with the hardware to hang your print.
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All commercial accounts qualify. Photo Labs, Photographers, Artists, Studios, Galleries

The High Definition Brilliance of Metal Photo Prints and Canvas Photo Prints

  • The radiance of metal photo prints is amazing. Professional photographers order metal prints for display in their studio as they literally cause their customers to stand in awe of their artistry. The multi-step process of photo printing your metal prints begins by using high quality dyes that when heated at a very high temperature, transfers as a gas into a poly-coated aluminum metal. The image is permanently bonded into the metal prints, which means there is no fading.
  • You can select between six finish options on your metal print White Glossy (Most Popular), White Semi Glossy, White Matte , Silver Glossy, Silver Semi Glossy and Silver Matte finish. “Semi glossy” white and silver is approximately 65% Matte – 35% Glossy.
    If you hang your metal prints in an area which has an abundance of light, the main difference between the finishes will be reflections. The glossy metal prints are beautiful in normal to low light, while the matte metal prints maintain vibrancy in most every lighted area.
  • Our beautiful giclee canvas prints are available in glossy and matte finishes. These canvas prints are printed with very high quality inks on museum quality canvas and then coated with a with a clear acrylic to protect and preserve them. The stretcher bar, which your canvas photo print is stretched over and fastened to, has been proven to be very strong and durable with wall hanging hardware preinstalled.
  • Beautiful canvas prints have become favorites for professional wedding photographers, nature photographers, school and team photographers, as well as millions of photo enthusiasts who love seeing their personal favorite photographs displayed in the grandeur of gallery art. Perhaps you will create your own canvas photo gallery on the walls of your home.

Our metal prints as well as our canvas prints lend themselves to all types of applications. Whether you have personal photos, commercial photos, or photographed artwork, they all become magnificent displays as a metal print or a canvas print. Metal prints out last a paper print, as they are waterproof and weather proof. You may clean the metal print with a soft rag and rubbing alcohol. Canvas photo prints feel as though an artist stretched the canvas for you, and your photograph becomes photo art that is fit for a gallery viewing.

Are you wondering whether to get metal prints or a canvas prints? Why not get both?

If you choose a metal print, we feel that you will want an image that will pop, one that is crisp with lots of details and nice saturation. A high-dynamic-range image (HDR) offers a greater range of luminance, thus making a metal photo print a good choice. Metal prints have sleek lines and feel contemporary. Glossy metal prints offer a brilliant finish, while matte metal prints lend a subtle finish.

If you choose a canvas print, we believe canvas works well with soft images, as well as strong images when photo printing. Canvas photo prints give any room a traditional feel. The matte finished canvas print is excellent when working with high contrasts and lots of blacks. The glossy finished canvas print is perfect for a broad color palette, allowing for rich tones that are complimentary to any décor.

We print all of our images using Adobe RGB (1998), so please convert your file with a program (like Photoshop) accordingly before uploading.

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