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Metal Print Custom Sizes available up to 30" x 40"

*All custom sizes, less than eight inches on any side, will cost a minimum of $25 per print. If the cost calculated is less than $25 the difference will be billed to you after your order has been placed. Standard sizes are precut. Custom sizes require special metal cutting.

*** CRATES AND FREIGHT: Wood crates must be built for all metal and canvas prints over 30x40” inches. We can normally ship up to three prints in each crate. Crate cost for prints over 30”x40” to 40”x60” $85 plus freight costs. Crates for sizes over 40x60” $100 plus freight costs. We will notify you of the total shipping and crate cost as well as the estimated shipping time prior to beginning your project.

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border treatments

border treatments

Please Note:

The “Extended Image Border” requires an additional 1.5 inches of image area on all sides in order to wrap around the stretcher bars. Please size your prints accordingly. e.g. If you order an 8 x 10 canvas print, you must send an image size of 11 x 13 inches.

2Upload your Photo Edit

Upload your photo file from any mobile device – a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Simply click on the “click here to upload from your files”, and you will be directed to find the file on your device, select it by double clicking on it, and it will automatically upload.
Click here to upload from Instagram.
Upload your photo file from any device that contains your Instagram account. Simply click on the “Instagram logo above”, and you will be directed to log into your account. Select your photo by double clicking on it, and it will automatically upload.
For the best photo print quality, photos intended for prints should be photographed at the highest possible pixel resolution. A lower resolution photograph printed on a large size will stretch the pixels too far, making the photo print blurry. On the other hand, it is amazing how large you can print a high resolution file that is crisp and sharp. If you view your files in “actual print size” in an image application such as Photoshop, it will give you an excellent idea of how the print will look.

3Crop Your Photo

Click and drag blue squares to crop photo.
Click and drag crop area to adjust the crop box.
To crop your photo print, simply click and hold the blue square to adjust the dimensions of your image.
Please note, that if you have chosen an extended image border treatment, you adjust your photo to account for an additional 1 1/2 inch border on all sides (3 inches total) to extend over the canvas stretcher bars.

Ordering for your Metal Prints and Canvas Prints

  • Your order process with Primo Photo has been streamlined for your ease of use. Ordering is a simple 5 step process, in which drop down windows open as you move through your order. You may not go onto the next ordering step until you complete the one above it.

  • Primo Photo offers premium photo printing in two unique mediums as metal prints or canvas prints. Primo Photo’s metal prints are created by printing your photo onto a clay-coated paper using dyes. The paper is then placed on a poly-coated sheet of aluminum and heated to 400 degrees. The dyes turn to a gas and are infused into the coating, creating your metal print. When you order your metal prints, you may choose from six finish options. White Glossy (Most Popular), White Semi Glossy, White Matte , Silver Glossy, Silver Semi Glossy and Silver Matte finish. “Semi glossy” white and silver is approximately 65% Matte – 35% Glossy

  • Our metal prints printed on glossy white aluminum are the most popular and produces a crisp striking image resolution in true black, true white, and brilliantly vibrant colors. Primo Photo offers several display options. A floating hanger will give your metal prints the appearance of “floating” when mounted on the wall. We also offer two acrylic stand display options. Simply place your metal prints into our clear acrylic or our black acrylic stand, and you have an attractive display for your metal prints in any home or office setting. Please select the type of display you would like when you order your metal photo print.

  • Our beautiful canvas prints come with a preinstalled wall hanger to allow you to instantly mount your artwork. We offer three different canvas border treatment options for your canvas prints. On our canvas wraps, you may order a black border, white border, or you may order your photo printed to extend over the sides of the canvas. Please note, in order for your canvas prints to wrap over the sides of the canvas, you will need to adjust your photo to account for an additional 1 ½ inch border on all sides to extend over the canvas stretcher bar.

  • You may choose to order several canvas prints or metal prints to display as a photo collage. This becomes photo art on your wall, when you install them in a beautiful arrangement. Simply order your image in sizes you would like to see as a photo collage and hang them in your own design.
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