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What are Metal Prints?

Your metal prints are created through a pressurized heating process. First a polymer coating is infused onto the metal. Next special dyes are printed on a substrate treated paper. The paper and metal are heat pressed at high temperatures that transfer your image to the metal.

The Metal advantage: With a traditional paper photo print the image sits "on" the paper. A paper photo print is a two-dimensional picture. At PrimoPhoto we embed your photograph in the aluminum. The surface coating of the aluminum functions as a translucent layer through which the image is viewed. This process delivers a beautiful three-dimensional image. You will love how your metal prints come alive.

The Durability Advantage: Metal prints are a very durable medium while photo paper prints are not. In time photo papers fade, tear, crease, and soil... they become damaged. You will discover your PRIMO metal prints will withstand a tremendous amount of use and abuse without being affected.


How do I clean my Metal Prints??

Using a very soft rag and a commercial glass cleaner such as Windex will make your metal prints look like new.

What type of display is suitable for my Metal Prints?

Metal prints are so durable and elegant that no frame is needed. In fact, it's part of what makes it such an attractive medium. Most of our customers love the look of their metal prints with a firm 1/2 or 3/4 inch backing attached. The backing gives your metal print a three-dimensional look, as it is set away from the wall. Another choice many of our customers make is our Primo Stands. The Primo Stands are made from either clear or black acrylic. Your metal prints will be inserted one-quarter inch into a thin slit in the acrylic surface making it possible for you to display your treasured photo on any flat surface. Our acrylic stands are available for all of our metal prints up to a maximum largest side measurement of 16".

What are Canvas Photos?
Canvas prints are printed with high-quality inks onto museum quality canvas and finished with a protective coating, in glossy or matte finish.
What type of display is suitable for my Canvas Prints?
All of our Canvas Prints come with preinstalled hardware ready to be hung on your wall as soon as you receive it.
Options for Borders of your Canvas Prints?

We offer three different canvas border treatment options for the sides of your canvas prints, a black border canvas wrap, a white border canvas wrap or your canvas print can be printed to extend over the sides of your canvas.  Please specify on your order.

Canvas Prints are gallery-wrapped around 1.5 inch stretcher bars so please size your print 3.25 inches larger to accommodate the wrap. E.g. If you order an 8” x 10” canvas print, you must send an image size of 11.25” x 13.25” inches.
Can I hang my Metal Prints outside?

Primo Photo's metal photo print can be placed anywhere you would like, but if you are going to place your print outdoors make sure it is hung in a shaded area. Mere light will NOT cause degradation to your PrimoPhoto. And will last for many generations if the metal photo print is not subjected to constant direct sunlight. 

We do not recommend hanging your canvas prints outside, as the protective coating is not water or element resistant.
Why will your Metal or Canvas prints from Primo Photo be so special?
We offer dozens of standard sizes ranging from 5 x 5 to 30 x 40 inches. You are welcome to special order large custom PrimoPhotos from 40 to 72 inches. Please call us to discuss the size you have in mind. We will then email a quote to you.
How do I order?

At PrimoPhoto we have developed an "easiest in the industry" ordering process. You simply follow our 3 steps on our order page. It is quick and simple.

How long will my order take?

Our production process takes 1-3 business days. Also allow 3-7 days for (Standard) shipping. If you would like to receive your order sooner, we will do our very best to make sure that happens.  Please specify, “rush” and the turnaround time you prefer in our Notes and Questions box on the order page.  However, you will be charged for the additional overnight shipping charge.

What sizes can I order?
We offer dozens of standard sizes ranging from 5 x 5 to 30 x 40 inches in metal photo prints. If the size you desire is not located in the standard sizes you can select “custom sizes” and order any size you desire up to 48 x 72 inches. Using the custom size option on the metal print order page, choose your size and it will show you the calculated cost of your photo print I the box in the upper right of the order page.

Canvas prints are available in sizes from 8 x 10 to 40 x 60 inches. You are welcome to special order custom photo prints in Metal only. There is a custom size option on the metal print order page, which allows you to choose your size and it will show you the calculated cost of your photo print.
What are your Recommended File Sizes?

For the best print quality, photos intended for prints should be photographed at the highest possible pixel resolution (200 to 300 pixels per inch is best). A lower resolution photo printed at a larger size will stretch the pixels beyond the point where the image looks sharp and clear.   

On the other hand, it is amazing how large you can print a small (High Resolution) file that is sharp and properly exposed. Viewing your files at "actual print size" in an image application such as Photoshop will give you an excellent idea of how the print will look. The chart below will help you decide what image size works the best, in relation to your desired print size.
What Type of Files do you accept?
We accept high resolution JPEG and TIFF files.
What is the Optimum Image File Size to Print?

Regardless of the print size you are ordering, a rule of thumb is make sure your file is at least 200 to 300 pixels per inch.  It will ensure that your print is crystal clear and crisp.  The smaller the pixels of your file, the smaller your print must be to maintain its clarity.  Please check your image file size before sending it.

Can I order my Metal Prints or Canvas Prints in Black and White or Sepia?
Yes, please state “black and white” or ”sepia” in the Notes and Questions box located at the bottom of the order page.  Primo Photo will change your color photo to your preference, at no charge.
Can I send images from my phone or other mobile device?

Yes, that is one of the exciting aspects of PrimoPhoto. You can order your PrimoPhoto from anywhere in the world. Remember to save and send the highest resolution possible from your device. When taking your photos please note that dark photos do not reproduce as well as lighter photos.

The best "Smart Phone" and "Tablet" photos reproduce best in the 5” x 5” and 5" x 7" sizes.
Can I order PRIMO PHOTO metal prints or canvas prints from artists and photographers other than myself?
The only photos you are, by law, allowed to reproduce are those you create or have permission from those who own the copyright or the photographer who took the original photo. When you submit an image to PrimoPhoto you represent to us and warrant that you have the legal right to reproduce each image you submit.
What if I want my own Custom Size?
You are welcome to special order custom photo prints in Metal prints only.  There is a custom size option on the metal print order page, which allows you to choose your size.
Are there any images unacceptable?

We have a few basic rules we would appreciate our customers to respect.
We respect all copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property rights of others and insist our customers to do the same.
No pornography or nudity that is not obviously artistic.
No expression of violence.
No photos that are defamatory.
No photos that appear to be harmful or degrading.
Primo Photo reserves the right to refuse service to anybody for any reason at any time.

Can my photograph be enlarged to any size?

The rule of thumb in printing your PrimoPhoto is 200 pixels per inch. Photo enlargement requests that are less than 100 pixels per inch will create an image that is unacceptable clarity.

For example, a small photo, say at 72ppi cannot be enlarged to a 30" x 40". If you follow the 200ppi standard you will be happy with your PrimoPhoto in canvas or metal.
What do I do if my photo was taken by another photographer?

It is your responsibility to have the written permission of any other photographer who produced any photo that you want printed through Primo Photo.  We respect the work of the photographer/artist and take this very seriously.
We require that our customers confirm that they have permission to reprint the images they provide.  Purchasing a photograph (print or digital file) from a photographer does not mean you have purchased copyright.  Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation, for the life of the creator, plus an additional 70 years.

My order is incorrect

Primo Photo wants our customers to be completely satisfied with every order they receive. If you are less than satisfied with your order send us an email immediately expressing your dissatisfaction in detail and we will send you a return-shipping label to return your order, we will review your order when we receive it and send you a new Primo Photo print.  Please note that slight color saturation issues may occur in the printing process. We dedicate ourselves to making sure all of these issues have a minimal affect on your finished product. However the quality of your photograph, such as the exposure, pixels per inch, etc., ensures the quality of your final photo print.

My order was damaged upon arrival.

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with every order they receive. If you feel your PrimoPhoto was damaged in transit please contact us immediately upon receipt, via email, and send us a photo of the damage and the packaging. We will send you a return-shipping label and we will go to work immediately to process a new PrimoPhoto for you.

What is your return/refund policy?

100% customer satisfaction is our goal. If, when you open your Primo Photo you are less than satisfied with the finished product we will ask you to return your PrimoPhoto and we will reprint or issue you a 100% credit which you can apply to a future Primo Photo purchase.

What is your privacy policy?

Privacy and Security: is committed to protecting your privacy. Any personal information collected (name, address, e-mail, phone number, credit card information, and photographs), in-house or on-line, is only used for processing orders. We do not disclose your information through sale, trade, or rent to others. All on-line orders and transactions are secure as well.

Is this site secure?

Primo Photo uses a secure server for all the transactions involving sensitive information.  A secure server guarantees the privacy of data transmitted through the Internet, including credit card information, through a SSL protocol that encrypts the information.

What are Shipping Times and Cost?

Our Standard Shipping is normally arrives in 2-5 business days. Our Shipping Charges are $5 for each PrimoPhoto under $50.00, $10 for each photo under $150 and $15 on all photos above $150. Add an additional $50 for all orders requiring a wood crate.

How long does it take to process my PrimoPhoto order?

Your Primo Photo will be ready to ship 3-5 business days after your order is confirmed.

Notes and Questions:

Please write any questions regarding your order in this box. Your order will not be finalized until your questions have been answered to your satisfaction.


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